Do-It-Yourself Centerpiece

Courtesy of Hannah Horvath

This brick flag centerpiece transforms a modest but sturdy building material into a fun and quirky bit of Americana. With its rough brick edges against pretty flower petals, it is a surprise on a serving table. And this DIY centerpiece is simple enough to put together on the day of the party.

223What you’ll need for one centerpiece:

Six red bricks

Masking tape

Metallic blue spray paint

White spray paint

Contact paper

Flowers (with stem water caps from florist, if possible)


1. Label the bricks the correct color by writing on bits of masking tape with a pen. There are three rows. The bottom two bricks will be red, so they will require no paint. The two bricks on the second row will be white. The third row will have two identical bricks with the same pattern: One end should be left unpainted, while the rest should be spray-painted blue.

2. For the top two bricks, mark off the one end with painter’s tape, so that it will remain red.

3. Spray paint the bricks the correct color and then allow them to dry completely.

4. Trace the end of any brick on the contact paper, so you’ll know how big to draw your star.

5. Freehand sketch a star on the back of the contact paper. If it is slightly irregular, it’ll just be more charming! Cut out the star with scissors; use it as a template for any other stars you’ll be drawing. (Hint: you will need at least two.)

6. Pick out some gorgeous flowers in the red, white and blue color scheme. We found some lovely gerberas and perky red berries to complete the centerpiece, but any flowers will do. Ask the florist to leave the stem water caps on the ends to keep the flowers fresh, if possible or use faux flowers. Strategically stack the bricks on a picnic or serving table so that the centerpiece looks like a flag on two sides. Artfully place the flowers into the hole lined up on top of the bricks.